DID I SURVIVE OR SINK -A to Z challenge

So, just when I decided to embark on my journey to start and write a blog I also decided to plunge myself deep side first by also taking on the A to Z challenge.

So, did I survive or fail?

Well, as in life there are 2 sides to each story. So, is the cup half full or half empty. Matter of perspective right?

I wish to look at it as a cup half full…because I did not complete the challenge….I gave up mid way!
Yes, you heard right; I gave up mid way as I just couldn’t get myself to continue writing even though I had a number of ideas for each alphabet. However, a cocktail of pressure of writing one blog everyday( I am a complete newbie) and a hyper 5 year old with a garnish of prior engagements does not necessarily translate into a good one.

But I must say that this experience fast tracked my learning on how to write and manage a blog and these are my top 3 takeaways from my time in the challenge

  1. Plan your week before hand. Be clear about what you want to write and if possible take only one theme for the week.
  2. Be clear about how many blog posts you can write in a week. No point going crazy and writing for the sake of writing. 
  3. STRATEGIZE, MARKET AND NETWORK. Half of the battle is writing the blog. The other half of the battle begins after posting it. You need to know how to use the social media to your advantage and also get over your natural shyness. Be selfish if required and put your self out there.

These were my top 3 learnings and I am now back after a short break hopefully smarter and more experienced.

And to answer the question -will I take part in the A to Z challenge again?

YES, I surely would!



    KITCHEN SAGA #atozchallenge

    Mother in law and daughter in law sagas have been going on for time immemorial. Some mother in laws are better than the rest and some are worse. But whatever kind they may be (the cool ones or the check your every move kinds) they are the main villains in every daughter in laws life and visa-versa.

    They strategize, backtalk and change tact with an ease that would make even a game of thrones writer to sit up and take notice.

    The main battle field for this war is usually (especially so in Indian households) the ‘KITCHEN’. It is here that the first trumpet is raised on this eternal saga.

    ‘You don’t know how to cook’ or ‘he likes food that I make only’ is the usual retort from a hurt mother in law incase your husband decides to compliment any dish you have made.

    On the flip side, if you decide to stay out of the kitchen, comments like ‘she has no interest in household work’ or ‘Maharani, keeps sleeping the whole day’ comes back to bite you.

    Daughter in laws are also not far behind ….’your mother makes such oily food, it’s not healthy’ is our favorite tag line.

    Television has also capitalized on this ready to use story line and continues to make millions even today. Showing the daughter in law or the mother in law slaving in the kitchen or throwing the food she has made are the favorite torture tactics presented by serial writers.

    Most of this activity of course is conducted to win the ultimate prize – Control over the man. The wife- newly married wants her husband next to her and wishes to gain controlling rights while the mother of course has a terrible time letting go of something that she had bragging rights on till now.

    In this whole battle for control lets spare a thought for the poor man. He is pulled from side to side like in a tug of war and hats off to the man who can manage to stay in the middle keeping both happy.

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    JUGGLING #atozchallenge




    We are the jugglers,

    We juggle 10 things at a time.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner,

    office beckons too,

    one hand hold’s the phone,

    one hand hold’s the ladle,

    We are the jugglers,

    We juggle 10 things at a time.

    Ironing, diapers, play dates,

    Meetings, schedules and files,

    All are in our gamut,

    All are in our purview,

    We are the jugglers,

    We juggle 10 things at a time.

    We are the wife, mother, lover,

    We are the friend, guide and boss,

    We hold hands and help you through,

    We step back and let you glow,

    We are the jugglers,

    We juggle 10 things at a time.

    Dedicated to all the moms, who not only take care of the family but are the backbone that holds the family together.

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    Imperfections are perfect # atozchallenge


    Once upon a time, there were two princesses, beautiful and perfect. They met their prince and lived a perfectly beautiful life….

    Flash forward to today. I wake up in the morning and refuse to even look at the mirror. Why, you may ask. It is because I do not conform to society’s standard of beauty.I am fat, short and well, that is enough. I don’t get clothes my size and the assumption is that I really shouldn’t be bothered with fashion or I don’t care about how I look. Apple, Pear, Hourglass shapes are hoaxes to make you believe that they make clothes for different body types but nobody tells you that you need to be a really lean apple to find anything to wear.

    The same standards seem to apply to all facets of our life.  Every part of you has to be in perfect proportion. You are meant to have the perfect body, the perfect house, the perfect life. Hell, even your children have to perfect.

    There are today, millions of videos, seminars , magazine articles on how to be a perfect host, have a perfect house, the perfect body, be the perfect wife, daughter, mother, husband, father etc.

    This has done nothing but create a whole community of people who feel guilty or inferior because they are different. You could be fat or skinny, short or too tall, but if you do not conform to the standards you would feel singled out and are considered an anomaly.

    But who decides what is perfect? And why do we need to be perfect?

    I finish this post with these questions because I don’t have the answers. All I know is that it is our imperfections that make us unique, foster creativity and push us to improve ourselves.

    I would love to hear your views ……and maybe get some answers at the end of it.

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    HAPPINESS #atozchallenge

    Happiness or the pursuit of it is the driving force behind each and every decision we make in our life. It’s the one thing that is part of all our goals and ambitions. There is no one I know who doesn’t want to be happy.

    All of us of course, have a different definition of happiness, That is what differentiates us, making us unique personalities.

    However, these days with the ever materialistic lifestyle we lead, money is the number one thing that supposedly makes us happy. We pursue it like our life depends on it and our level of happiness is defined by our status and our bank balance. The pursuit for happiness has been taken over by the pursuit of money. We have started believing that only money can bring us happiness because we have started looking for satisfaction in material objects.

    Don’t get me wrong, anybody telling you that money is not needed for happiness is kidding with you. Money helps solve a lot of life’s obstacles. If you are financially secure you are able to focus on things you truly enjoy instead of being worried all the time. But is it the ONLY THING is the real question. 

    I for one truly believe that happiness is a matter of attitude. If you decide that the glass is half full…well, then it is and you can lead your life being thankful for what you have achieved and be happy in your life. But if you want to believe the opposite nothing (even money), will make you truly happy ever.

    So change your attitude, start looking at the world from a different perspective and you will see yourself feeling much more satisfied and fulfilled.

    Anyway, Attitude is probably the only thing left which is still FREE!


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    GOALS FOR THE BLOG #atozchallenge

    The blog ‘randommusing’ started off on a lark. I had recently written a couple of guest posts for a friend’s blog and she had liked them. She had a number of times since then suggested that I start a blog of my own, however I was happy in my laziness and didn’t really give it a thought.

    Then one day she called and informed me about the A to Z challenge and insisted that I participate. I, of course tried to give a number of excuses about why I couldn’t, but she finally managed to persuade me.

    And now here I am having some how survived the first week. The same friend called me up today and asked me about my experience and told me to now think of the future and what my goals are for the blog.

    That set me off thinking and I finally came up with two very specific goals for this blog  which are:

    1. I don’t want this blog to be typecast. I don’t want it to be a knowledge based or fiction blog. So you will see posts ranging from fiction, autobiographical musings to food…basically everything. The name of the blog also suggests the same.
    2. The idea behind this blog is to get my creative juices flowing and putting my thoughts and experiences out there. In the process if it touches someone or helps someone in their journey it will be like I achieved the ultimate goal.

    So stay in touch and read about my sometimes run of the mill and sometimes crazy thoughts! Look forward to having you over.



    EGO #atozchallenge

    Ego is something that we are intrinsically born with. Even as a baby we have an ego because our love for our physical self is the definition of ‘Ego’ at that time. This Ego is neither good or bad. It begins only as an awareness of our physical self and our need to protect it.

    This ego however, differs from the Ego that we develop as we grow older and more materialistic . We create this ego by putting an excessively high value on our achievements and our physical appearance. We seem to forget that our physical appearance is thanks to good genes passed on by our parents and our achievements are transient in nature.

    It is this “Bad Ego” that also stops us in our spiritual development. We get pulled into a continuous  race of one-upmanship and trying to prove ourselves better or superior than the others.

    We of course should remember not confuse ego with self respect or self worth. Self respect and a sense of self worth are important for our soul and for us to understand that each of us are born to fulfill a certain goal. No one has the right to make you feel small or worthless.

    Sadly, today in the name of self respect we are actually pandering to our egos and moving away from our path. Everything has become about ‘I, me, myself’. Our interaction with our fellow beings has today more than ever become based on our material achievements.

    We need to remind ourselves that spiritually and for us to evolve as human beings  the ultimate goal is to rid ourselves of this ‘Bad Ego’. To remain humble, grounded and to respect our fellow humans.

    Dad #atozchallenge


    Definition : Father

    First known use : 1533

    That is the definition the dictionary provides for dad. However, it is the most banal definition for a word that practical encompasses the world in it.

    For some of us DAD is synonymous with a best friend; someone who played with you when you were a child, listened to you and supported you.

    For some He is a authority figure ….DAD is coming home meant quickly finish homework, meet him for half an hour and go of to bed. You were meant to be seen not heard.

    However, for me DAD means a beautiful mix of both. He held my hand as a child, took me for rides and I him (Wink, wink!)….He played with me, protected me and well tried his best to scold me as well.

    In the terrible teens he was probably the only person I could talk to and felt that he understood me. He held my hand and controlled my ‘I need to break free’ urges by cajoling or scolding me and tried pushing them in the right direction. He was tough but fair.

    Our relationship has changed over the years, but one thing has stayed consistent – his support. He is and will remain my go to, all weather guide.





















    Childhood #atozchallenge

    Frolicking in the sun whole day without a care in the world. Jumping over walls, sharing ice creams and secrets with the same gusto. Getting home dirty in the evening, and then looking forward to a quick shower, hot food and a goodnight story from mom.

    For a lot of us these are the enduring memories of our childhood. The carefree spirit, the feeling of abundance even though we had little. Even a stick could become the best toy depending on where our imagination took us that day.

    Sadly, today we seem to be missing out on that  childhood. Now, it is all about pushing the children into different activities,and then from one tuition to another. It has become a race to the top. I know that the competition today is immense but who started it. It was us and our desire to ensure that our child is number one and does not lack for anything.

    But why have we forgotten that the best lessons that we learnt were in the games we played in childhood.  We learnt cooperation and team work by playing in the park with other children; we learnt savings from only getting fixed pocket money ; we learnt the importance of safety by falling and scrapping our knees; we learnt music and dance by singing with our cousins at the top of our voice – all this as you can see was learnt while we were having fun.

    We need to remember that we luckily have memories of this fun childhood to fall back on when the going gets tough, but what would our children have?

    Let them run free, let them follow their own path , their own journey. Be there to support but not lead.


    Blessing #atozchallenge

    You all might have heard of the saying ‘ When you want someone or something let it go, if it was meant to be yours it will come back to you.’

    I for one wholeheartedly believe in this saying. For years I kept trying to have a child and one day decided that enough was enough!

    I just couldn’t take the stress; the dull pain of seeing a single line and the seemingly endless wait for my periods to start the process all over again.

    So as I said I let go. If it wasn’t meant to be, well, then it wasn’t.

    However, a couple of years later on one fine cold winter day, I felt sick and continued feeling sick. My symptoms were a bloated tummy, irritated disposition and a sudden aversion to food ( I am a self-professed foodie!).

    Yes, Yes …I know….all of these are beginning symptoms of pregnancy. But you must realize that I had gone through so many disappointments that my brain failed to register any of this. Heck! I missed my periods and even then I didn’t think that I was pregnant.

    Thankfully, my dear husband insisted on a doctor visit and the doctor immediately sent me in for a pregnancy test. And Voila! there they were! Those 2 beautiful lines that I had waited to see month on month for the past 10 years.

    9 months later, I held my little one in my arms and thanked god for this blessing that he had bestowed on me. 

    As another saying goes  ‘Better late than never

    *This post is dedicated to all the lovely women who have been through so much and their little blessings!

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