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  1. Emotional journey!! Most of us have got it easy and don’t understand the pain and frustration.
    I salute you and all those who go through this struggle. But good things happens to good people . You both are wonderful human beings who have now been blessed with a beautiful son. i wish happiness for your beautiful family :))


  2. Very beautifully written.
    Wish I could say more but was not fully aware of the difficulties you guys faced.But that is the past and now you have vivaan.
    God always shows the way ……………::


  3. each of us have our trials and tribulations; but as those tend to remain personal , we don’t always fully appreciate the strife the other goes though ; I hope your article will serve as a mirror to other couples and alleviate the pressure and pain of their struggle


  4. Quite a brave post! I can only imagine how hard it could have been for you. Putting it up on a blog is courageous and also kind. I remember while I was going through some tough times I often googled my issues just to see how others are dealing with the same kind of issues. Your post shall provide a feeling of support to people seeking acceptance, in the same issue or otherwise!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes!

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  5. Beautiful piece Minna!
    Dealing with challenges in life can be hard ! But sharing your vulnerable moments takes courage !
    Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. And you both have set a great example for the people around you . Proud of you !!! Hugs and blessings 😘

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  6. It’s beautiful, I could feel the emotions even though you tried to be concise and factual. I’m glad your relationship recovered and I wish you the very best! πŸ’š


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