Dad #atozchallenge


Definition : Father

First known use : 1533

That is the definition the dictionary provides for dad. However, it is the most banal definition for a word that practical encompasses the world in it.

For some of us DAD is synonymous with a best friend; someone who played with you when you were a child, listened to you and supported you.

For some He is a authority figure ….DAD is coming home meant quickly finish homework, meet him for half an hour and go of to bed. You were meant to be seen not heard.

However, for me DAD means a beautiful mix of both. He held my hand as a child, took me for rides and I him (Wink, wink!)….He played with me, protected me and well tried his best to scold me as well.

In the terrible teens he was probably the only person I could talk to and felt that he understood me. He held my hand and controlled my ‘I need to break free’ urges by cajoling or scolding me and tried pushing them in the right direction. He was tough but fair.

Our relationship has changed over the years, but one thing has stayed consistent – his support. He is and will remain my go to, all weather guide.






















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