EGO #atozchallenge

Ego is something that we are intrinsically born with. Even as a baby we have an ego because our love for our physical self is the definition of ‘Ego’ at that time. This Ego is neither good or bad. It begins only as an awareness of our physical self and our need to protect it.

This ego however, differs from the Ego that we develop as we grow older and more materialistic . We create this ego by putting an excessively high value on our achievements and our physical appearance. We seem to forget that our physical appearance is thanks to good genes passed on by our parents and our achievements are transient in nature.

It is this “Bad Ego” that also stops us in our spiritual development. We get pulled into a continuous  race of one-upmanship and trying to prove ourselves better or superior than the others.

We of course should remember not confuse ego with self respect or self worth. Self respect and a sense of self worth are important for our soul and for us to understand that each of us are born to fulfill a certain goal. No one has the right to make you feel small or worthless.

Sadly, today in the name of self respect we are actually pandering to our egos and moving away from our path. Everything has become about ‘I, me, myself’. Our interaction with our fellow beings has today more than ever become based on our material achievements.

We need to remind ourselves that spiritually and for us to evolve as human beings  the ultimate goal is to rid ourselves of this ‘Bad Ego’. To remain humble, grounded and to respect our fellow humans.

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