GOALS FOR THE BLOG #atozchallenge

The blog ‘randommusing’ started off on a lark. I had recently written a couple of guest posts for a friend’s blog and she had liked them. She had a number of times since then suggested that I start a blog of my own, however I was happy in my laziness and didn’t really give it a thought.

Then one day she called and informed me about the A to Z challenge and insisted that I participate. I, of course tried to give a number of excuses about why I couldn’t, but she finally managed to persuade me.

And now here I am having some how survived the first week. The same friend called me up today and asked me about my experience and told me to now think of the future and what my goals are for the blog.

That set me off thinking and I finally came up with two very specific goals for this blog  which are:

  1. I don’t want this blog to be typecast. I don’t want it to be a knowledge based or fiction blog. So you will see posts ranging from fiction, autobiographical musings to food…basically everything. The name of the blog also suggests the same.
  2. The idea behind this blog is to get my creative juices flowing and putting my thoughts and experiences out there. In the process if it touches someone or helps someone in their journey it will be like I achieved the ultimate goal.

So stay in touch and read about my sometimes run of the mill and sometimes crazy thoughts! Look forward to having you over.




7 thoughts on “GOALS FOR THE BLOG #atozchallenge

  1. We’re blogging twinsies! I do the same thing. What ever it feels like that day is what I write about. Sometimes it’s writing; sometimes it’s life; sometimes it’s photos.
    Random bloggers unite!
    A to Z Challenge: Glue
    Isa-Lee Wolf
    A Bit 2 Read


  2. Except for the month of April mine never has a theme except for random stress reducing rants on crazy people… occasional garden gnome attacks, Evil Overlords and sharks, sometimes bears… a few times monkeys. Anyway nothing wrong with your goals 🙂


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