HAPPINESS #atozchallenge

Happiness or the pursuit of it is the driving force behind each and every decision we make in our life. It’s the one thing that is part of all our goals and ambitions. There is no one I know who doesn’t want to be happy.

All of us of course, have a different definition of happiness, That is what differentiates us, making us unique personalities.

However, these days with the ever materialistic lifestyle we lead, money is the number one thing that supposedly makes us happy. We pursue it like our life depends on it and our level of happiness is defined by our status and our bank balance. The pursuit for happiness has been taken over by the pursuit of money. We have started believing that only money can bring us happiness because we have started looking for satisfaction in material objects.

Don’t get me wrong, anybody telling you that money is not needed for happiness is kidding with you. Money helps solve a lot of life’s obstacles. If you are financially secure you are able to focus on things you truly enjoy instead of being worried all the time. But is it the ONLY THING is the real question. 

I for one truly believe that happiness is a matter of attitude. If you decide that the glass is half full…well, then it is and you can lead your life being thankful for what you have achieved and be happy in your life. But if you want to believe the opposite nothing (even money), will make you truly happy ever.

So change your attitude, start looking at the world from a different perspective and you will see yourself feeling much more satisfied and fulfilled.

Anyway, Attitude is probably the only thing left which is still FREE!


This post is part of the A to Z challenge 2017


2 thoughts on “HAPPINESS #atozchallenge

  1. I agree – Happiness is a choice. We can choose to appreciate what we have and be happy, or we can choose to see everything negatively and be sad.
    I don’t think that money can buy happiness, but I think it can buy the essentials like a house, food etc which makes it easier to be happy

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