KITCHEN SAGA #atozchallenge

Mother in law and daughter in law sagas have been going on for time immemorial. Some mother in laws are better than the rest and some are worse. But whatever kind they may be (the cool ones or the check your every move kinds) they are the main villains in every daughter in laws life and visa-versa.

They strategize, backtalk and change tact with an ease that would make even a game of thrones writer to sit up and take notice.

The main battle field for this war is usually (especially so in Indian households) the ‘KITCHEN’. It is here that the first trumpet is raised on this eternal saga.

‘You don’t know how to cook’ or ‘he likes food that I make only’ is the usual retort from a hurt mother in law incase your husband decides to compliment any dish you have made.

On the flip side, if you decide to stay out of the kitchen, comments like ‘she has no interest in household work’ or ‘Maharani, keeps sleeping the whole day’ comes back to bite you.

Daughter in laws are also not far behind ….’your mother makes such oily food, it’s not healthy’ is our favorite tag line.

Television has also capitalized on this ready to use story line and continues to make millions even today. Showing the daughter in law or the mother in law slaving in the kitchen or throwing the food she has made are the favorite torture tactics presented by serial writers.

Most of this activity of course is conducted to win the ultimate prize – Control over the man. The wife- newly married wants her husband next to her and wishes to gain controlling rights while the mother of course has a terrible time letting go of something that she had bragging rights on till now.

In this whole battle for control lets spare a thought for the poor man. He is pulled from side to side like in a tug of war and hats off to the man who can manage to stay in the middle keeping both happy.

This post is part of the atozchallenge on A to Z


2 thoughts on “KITCHEN SAGA #atozchallenge

  1. Lovely write-up!! And so true. If the relationships are good and secure then the Kitchen Sagas are fun. A little advice, lots of gossip, sharing recipes, and of course the teasing and leg-pulling. And the stories!!

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